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Whether you are familiar with virtual reality technologies or not, we take the required steps with you to define exactly what you need. Our approach includes the client at every steps such that the final solution is completely customized to your exact needs and requirements. We can consult for Virtual Reality projects of any size, 3D animation design, Web-based virtual reality and 3D applications, Stand-alone turnkey virtual reality systems and more.

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System Design

At Virtual Simulations, we design complete Virtual Reality Turnkey systems, including both the software and hardware required to produce a complete solution. The final product sent to the client is ready to use. Turn the power on and start working.

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3D Modeling

Whether you need a full scale Virtual Reality system or just 3D models to use within your own solutions, we can provide you the necessary support to complete your objectives. Contact us to get started.

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Future proofing your investment

All systems we make for our clients are made up of code we make specifically for you. By doing so, we can easily grow the systems we sell to our clients as time passes. You never need to start with a large and costly solution. We can accommodate to your current needs and provide you upgrade path options which let you split the costs of developing custom systems over time. Not enough budget for the whole solution? Let us help you figure out what your options are by providing a Virtual Reality system that can fulfill your current needs and add features to it later-on, as new founds are available. We value long-term collaboration with our clients more than high budget only-once projects.

Example Projects

F16 Flight Simulator

In this project, we are designing a full immersion flight simulator that uses head tracking and a stereoscopic head mounted display. This allows the pilot to look around freely inside and out the cockpit. The stereovision allows better interaction with the various F16 dashboard controls and gives a very dramatic feel of depth and body reference within the moving aircraft.

Architectural Design 3D Models

Virtual walkthroughs are among the first uses of virtual reality. Virtual simulations Inc. offers 3D modeling services along with other design aspects of a full turnkey VR simulation system. For instance, the virtual scene shown on the right was used in a CAVE environment and allowed the user to move around and place furniture objects interactively using his hands.

Solar System Visualization

The solar system simulation is not only an observatory experience, it is an experimental experience as it lets the user manipulate and interact with the virtual scene. The user is in control and can fly through the solar system seamlessly, revolve around planets and inspect them from many angles.

Virtual Laboratory Simulation

Virtual prototyping goes beyond simple architectural walkthroughs. In this project, we prototyped a complete laboratory bench with its related electronic and optic elements. The pictures below illustrate the initial prototyping phase in which we built computer animations of the future virtual reality simulation system. This allows us to basically do 3D sketching of the final VR system before we begin the actual design phase. As you will see later-on, it is a very effective way to test initial design concepts in advance.