Company Profile

Our company is composed of people who possess over 20 years of experience in the field of Virtual Reality. Our expertise ranges from market trends analysis and following to the development of complete VR solutions. We currently provide services acting as Virtual Reality product agents for companies that want to boost their sales. Our company structure allows us to reach a large pool of professionals in all fields, from academic institutions and government organizations to military markets.


Company Vision

Virtual simulations aims to build the most innovative virtual reality simulation systems and expand beyond what is currently achievable with the current technology. VSI systems will be recognized as the easiest to use, while most innovative, virtual reality / 3D simulation platforms available on the market.


Who We Are

Dr. Marc Bernatchez, Ph.D.


Marc Bernatchez has been involved in the field of virtual reality since 1991. He conducted graduate studies at Laval University, Québec (Canada) from 1995 to 1997. There he worked on a virtual reality graphical user interface (VR GUI). At the same time, he took part in the VResources website project originally started by Charles Durham.

Marc has been in the VizSim field for 4 years while working at CAE Inc., one of the largest commercial and military flight simulator companies worldwide. There he worked on various flight simulator image generators (IGs) components. He has worked on various long-term projects such as the MAXFOG™ layered fog engine that was later used in all CAE’s commercial full flight simulators. When it was first introduced, it was the most realistic fog visual model on the market. He also worked on a project called ESVS (Enhanced and Synthetic Vision System) in partnership with the National Research Council of Canada – Institute for Aerospace Research (NRC Aerospace). This system allowed rescue helicopter pilots to fly in zero visibility conditions using augmented reality (AR) principles and technologies.

Marc has also been giving an introductory course to graduate students on virtual reality systems and VR user interface design from 1998 to 2010. He obtained a Ph.D. on virtual environments user interfaces at the École Polytechnique de Montréal in 2008.


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