Remograph Remo 3D

Virtual Simulations is proud to distribute Remo 3D, a cost-effective and powerful 3D modeling solution for engineering and scientific applications. Remo 3D is particularly suited for the simulation industry as its main 3D file format is OpenFlight®. Everything in Remo 3D is built around the scene graph mentality, well known by developers of real-time Viz-Sim simulation systems.


Below is a list of some of Remo 3D supported features:

  • Multiple simultaneously loaded models
  • Large models support using external links and multi-tiles referencing
  • Multiple viewports with user-definable view frustum
  • Scene graph node view with expand/contract, zoom, drag and drop
  • Level-of-detail (LOD) switching
  • Degree-of-freedom (DOF) nodes editing and previewing
  • Support for OpenGL and Cg shading languages
  • Lighting control (light point appearance, animation attributes)
  • User-definable grid, including snap to grid, snap to vertices, edges and polygons
  • Convenient transformation tools 3D widgets
  • Soft selection for rounded surfaces modeling
  • Hiding and isolating of geometry
  • Visualization of normals and vertex numbers
  • Saving of user interface preferences to disk
  • Scripting support
  • Viewport capture to image file
  • Cut, copy and paste geometry
  • Selection by picking, rectangle, node name or attributes
  • Multiple undo/redo levels
  • And many more …

Click on the video box below for a short demonstration of Remo 3D in action.


Supported Platforms


Remo 3D currently supports the following environments:

Windows 7/8/10 (64 bits)

Linux (64 bits)

You can download a demo version of Remo 3D by clicking this link:

The demo is fully functional in terms of features with the restriction that models with more than 100 polygons cannot be saved on disk.

License Types

There are currently two different license options for Remo 3D:

USB (roamable)

License which can be moved between computers. (the client provides its own USB memory stick to be used as a dongle)

Server (network / floating)

License that can be allocated dynamically to client machines connected to a license server through a network connection.

License Levels

General modeling features
Import formats
Export formats
Save limit
50 polygons
Scripts & macros
Boolean tools
Simplify & Subdivide
Soft selection
Modify UV
Geocentric conversion
Floating license server support

Maintenance and Support

First line after-sale support is provided by Virtual Simulations Inc. This support is limited to questions relating to the initial installation and proper functioning of the product.

Please consult our Remo 3D FAQ for more information on available licensing options as well as further information on installing Remo 3D. Contact us for any information not covered by the FAQ.

An optional support plan is available from Remograph AB. It covers any technical problems the client may encounter requiring a priority software fix. Customers opting for the support plan get priority fixes as soon as they are made and tested by Remograph’s team, not having to wait for months before their issue is fixed as part of the next release of the product. The optional support plan is available for an additional 20% annual fee.

For pricing and other information

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