Virtual Simulations provide a wide range of products. Below are the current categories of products we provide to our customers.

Virtual Simulations Systems Solutions

Remo 3DTM

Virtual Simulations offers a wide range of system configurations for all types of professional simulation and visualization needs. Virtual Simulations systems are highly modular which makes it possible to provide any levels of system complexity, from entry level single visual channel to large multi-screen systems. Virtual Simulations systems are future proof, thanks to their modular concept, allowing a system to be expanded as the client’s demands and requirements changes.

Remo 3D is a full-featured 3D modeling CAD solution especially made for professional visual simulation applications, supporting de facto industry standards such as OpenFlight® for seamlessly authoring complex virtual environment hierarchies through the use of its built-in scene graph support. Remo 3D is the most cost-effective solution currently available on the market when considering the feature set available for the price. Other competitive solutions offer OpenFlight support but only Remo 3D provides the ability to work on large simulation databases at this price level. Remo 3D has the necessary strength to work with multi-tiled virtual worlds covering over 100 square kilometers, at a fraction of the cost of other high-end solutions.

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