Virtual Simulations Inc. current business partners

Launched in 1986, Ascension has accelerated to the forefront of the motion tracking industry. Using DC magnetic, infrared-optical, inertial and laser technologies, Ascension provides turnkey motion capture systems for animated entertainment as well as custom tracking solutions for original equipment manufacturers to integrate onto their products.

Remograph provides products and services for the 3D modeling, computer graphics and visual simulation industries. Founded in 2005 and with over 10 years of experience, our ambition is to develop advanced and cost-effective solutions for end-users and developers of e.g. visual simulation systems, visual databases or virtual reality applications. Remograph’s main product is Remo 3D™, an effective tool for creating and modifying 3D models intended for real-time visualization. Remo 3D’s primary file format is OpenFlight® and it allows for importing from and exporting to different file formats.

TrianGraphics is focusing on all aspects of virtual terrain generation. Their novel database generation system Trian3D Builder is used to generate high-quality geospecific and geotypic landscapes. TrianGraphics’ technical know-how in software development combined with design and modeling experiences help them to achieve optimal results for their customers.

5DT is a high-tech company specializing in virtual reality. Since 1993 5DT has been developing VR technology for many different industries including aviation, defense, mining, automotive, medical, entertainment and more.

RTDynamics was founded in 2004 near the German Alps in Germany. They specialize in real-time flight dynamics models of rotary and fixed-wing aircraft. Their product RotorLib allows realistic helicopter simulation for use in real-time simulation and training applications of special helicopter operations like SAR (search and rescue), insertions, aeromedial evacuations and vertical onboard delivery as well as for trainers for helicopter personnel like, door gunner, winch operator and loadmaster.

PhaseSpace optical motion capture systems are the industry’s price / performance leader for motion tracking and position sensing. By using active LED markers and advanced software, PhaseSpace systems provide highly accurate, real time data with a minimum of occlusion and dropout errors.

Eyevis is one of the leading manufacturers of large screen systems for control rooms, information, communication, information, simulation and virtual reality. In control rooms, where sensible data and information is displayed and controlled 24h a day and 7 days a week, a reliable technology with the best image quality is needed. Eyevis develops and produces products like projection modules (cubes), TFT LCD monitors, controller and software solutions and can look back on a long know-how in this sector. The name eyevis stands for special, customer specific, complete solutions. Therefore the systems can be customized individually.

Visualise Modelling specialises in 3D real-time visual modelling. Services include database modelling, texture production and technical support on all aspects of visual model generation. With expertise in a wide range of platforms including military and commercial simulation, maritime and driving applications through to urban projects and architectural visualisations. Working along side in-house modelling teams or independently, Visualise Modelling can generate individual models to suite any requirement and budget.

Immersaview is a premier provider of visual information systems, including software based blending and warping products for flat and curved screens alike, and video processing.  Pioneering software based blending and warping products Immersaview has continued to revolutionize the industry with powerful features, and elegant interfaces to empower you.  With the Vadaar Video Processing Suite, Immersaview has revolutionized the industry yet again.  Vadaar has full video processing capability without the limitations, discrete wiring, or reliability of hardware based solutions, and it also adds full recording capability enabling your vision.
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