Updating my Remo 3D license to a newer version

The easiest way is to use the same method that you used to acquire the initial license. Simply Email us the USB key fingerprint code. The process to find out the fingerprint code is given in the section Generating a fingerprint. Select the appropriate method based on the license type you currently use.

Note that the fingerprint you Email us must be the same as the one used to activate the previous license. That is, you must re-use the same hardware USB key for which you want to upgrade the version with which Remo 3D will work.

The steps are:

    1. Connect the USB key to your computer (if using a USB dongle based license)
    2. Start Remo 3D
    3. Proceed to find out the fingerprint code as described in the section Generating a fingerprint
    4. Copy the hardware fingerprint by using the Copy To Clipboard button.
    5. Email the fingerprint code to us at sales@virtasim.com
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